Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing – China Market

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing – China Market

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The Businesses in the PCB Manufacturing industry in China manufacture printed circuit boards and specialized electrical components. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) and specialized components are made of conducting components, inductor contacts or devices, resistors, capacitors, and other components on insulation boards through conventional or non-conventional printing procedures.

PCB Manufacturing industry – Revenue

The past five years through to 2018, revenue from the PCB Manufacturing industry has increased at an average rate of 8.4% to $95.4 billion. The printed circuit boards are intermediate components, the majority of industry revenue is derived from sales of downstream wireless industries. Growth in the PCB Manufacturing industry in China has gradually grown in recent years. In 2018 alone, industry revenue is expected to grow by 7%.

PCB manufacturing and assembly industry is expected to flourish in the next few years as more opportunities for development

 The continued transfer of industries

The continued transfer of industries and the world-renowned PCB manufacturer in China to establish production bases, making China’s PCB industry clusters will further highlight the advantages that will also give birth to more Of the local enterprises to grow and develop faster; secondly, the development of seven strategic emerging industries during the 12th Five-Year Plan will be China’s PCB. The development of enterprises to provide more opportunities for development and policy support; Finally, consumption is expected to drive economic growth troika to occupy a more important position, the rapid development of domestic consumer market will further promote the application of the market to expand.

The Automotive industry

Now, the vehicles are moving toward to intelligent development, the automotive industry is expected to relay smart phones become the new smart terminal. With the continuous expansion of market share of electric vehicles, intelligent + new energy sources, making the use of electronic components in vehicles increased significantly. It will be an important market for PCB, but the automotive industry has high requirements for the safety and reliability of products. Therefore, the printed circuit board industry should make technology and production equipment well before the full blowout of smart vehicles and new energy vehicles.

High-frequency upgrades

High-frequency civilization upgrades to bring high-frequency circuit board needs. A few years ago, high-frequency signals above 1GHz were only used in areas such as aerospace and satellite communications. The rapid progress of communications technology has made the original frequency band of civil communications extremely crowded. At present, electronic information products have entered the gigahertz (GHz) high-frequency era, and high-frequency communications such as microwaves have brought high-frequency circuit boards.

China’s telecommunications electronics industry is relatively good industrial base determines the tremendous potential of high-frequency circuit boards

Policy-driven boost business prospects such as emerging optical communications boom, bringing communications infrastructure, equipment and circuit boards and many other needs. In order to further implement the “Broadband China” strategy, in January 2017, the NDRC and MIIT jointly released the “Three-Year Action Plan for Major Information Infrastructure Projects”: In 2016-2018, a total investment of 1.2 trillion Yuan is expected in information infrastructure construction, With a total investment of 902.2 billion Yuan for 92 key construction projects, including backbone networks, metropolitan area networks, fixed broadband access networks and mobile broadband access network

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