Online Shopping Sites: An Apt Destination to Buy Smartphones

Online Shopping Sites: An Apt Destination to Buy Smartphones

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It was not a long ago that you would have to visit your local retailer to buy any kind of electronics product, be it TV or washing machine. But with the advent of the internet, the entire paradigm of shopping changed overnight. Nowadays, most purchases are made through online shopping sites, which host a varied array of products, electronics and otherwise. Smartphones have become hot products for online shopping portals, attracting millions of shoppers every day and contributing to over 79 percent of units sold in India. No wonder, there’s a splurge in the number of online shopping sites selling smartphones.

The main reason for the popularity of such online shopping websites is the availability of a wide smartphone portfolio to choose from. The customers can have access to the latest smartphones of even the most niche companies at their disposal, be it Xiaomi’s Redmi 3S Prime or Apple iPhone 7. This unique proposition is not possible in cases of offline shopping centers, since they are bound in terms of size and stock. They can only house a select quantity of smartphones.

Another big advantage why online shopping sites have become apt destinations for smartphone purchases is the possibility of comparison. You can compare between models of the same brand, as well as models across brands, based on even the most minute specifications and features. As the customer has become technologically savvy, they want to know more about the smartphones they are spending their money on. So it’s important to search for the best possible alternative amongst thousands that are available in the market, a functionality that most online shopping sites are providing.

There are no problems associated with understocking and overstocking in cases of these websites, especially when dealing with electronics product that are subject to wear and tear. Most of these online shopping sites have an agreement with third party wholesalers. On confirmation of order, the wholesaler is instructed to ship the product to the desired location. This makes it a lot easier for both the online sites as well as wholesaler.

One of the biggest reasons why online sites are driving smartphone sales over the years is their best price proposition. Most of these websites have exclusive tie-ups with major smartphone brands and companies. So whenever there is a new smartphone to be launched, these websites are the ones that get their hands to it, implying customers can buy such a smartphone only in these websites. The price is also the lowest you can find anywhere, both in online and offline channels. Plus, a lot of offers and tie-ups with banks and online wallet companies mean you can actually procure your smartphone at an amazingly lower price.

The presence of leading ecommerce players on social mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc are leading the way in terms of smartphone sales in India today. Moreover, these websites are also attracting significant number of customers due to coupons and discounts. So, next time when you are planning to buy a smartphone, you know where to head – online shopping sites.


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