Get your tech styling and looking fresh with accessories from Hot Topic.

Get your tech styling and looking fresh with accessories from Hot Topic.

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Flaunt  your personality with new earbuds. Leave average accessories to others and express the real you with MICASE GALAXY PRINT EARBUDS from Hot Topic. Your coolness will come through with these beautiful shiny and solar inspired earbuds. Control the volume with a press of button. There is a built-in microphone so you can answer your calls without taking them off. And you can even reuse the package to store those boring looking earbuds. These earbuds will definitely compliment your ear shape. Get ready to blast your music and experience great  sound. Plus, very at a very affordable price.

Handle your phone in style and get a POPSOCKETS MOON PHONE GRIP & STAND from Hot Topic. Hold and reposition  your phone

anyway you want. Now you can easily  take the perfect selfies or watch YouTube videos  without dropping your  phone. Best of all, your  phone stays in place and won’t come off. The colors and designs complement  any case effortlessly. Count on a great quality and durable POPSOCKETS MOON. Go for the ultimate and very hyped accessory that  will save your phone and keep it looking great.

Experience  a supernatural adventure in your hands with SUPERNATURAL WINCHESTER BROTHERS UNIVERSAL FOLIO PHONE CASE from Hot Topic. This folio phone case fits most phone and has a wristlet. Keep it all together and leave the purse at home it has slots to place your cards ID and a couple bills. A great case with a magnetic closure to keep your phone protected. Make it your new everyday case and count on getting many compliments. Now you can have your own Winchester journal.

Get into Doctor Who mania with DOCTOR WHO DALEK SEC BLUETOOTH SPEAKER from Hot Topic. Connect with your device, play your favorite music and even answer calls. Enjoy the flashing  LED lights in Dalek’s ears and eyes. And to top it off it has his voice. The Bluetooth adjusts to the music you play.

Or get your phone  ready for Deadpool and get MARVEL DEADPOOL KILLS DEADPOOL IPHONE 6/6S FOLIO WALLET from Hot Topic. This folio wallet offers full front and back protection to your iPhone. The wristlet lets you have your iPhone at hand without dropping it. Folio wallet gives you access to all of your iPhones ports and buttons.

Get the snitch and show it in a Harry Potter Golden Snitch Hardshell iPhone 6/6S Phone Case from Hot Topic. A great Golden Snitch design in a clear case. Very durable case that makes your phone  color visible. Feels soft at touch and keep your iPhone protected. This will show your love for Harry Potter and get others attention.

Power up your phone with a STAR WARS DEATH STAR USB WALL CHARGER from Hot Topic. There are two ports to charge your favorite devices. An illuminating light turns green while charging.

Have a fun charging experience and get a CACTUS LED IPHONE CHARGER from Hot Topic. Get ready to enjoy  the green cactus light show.

Make your tech standout wig accessories from Hot Topic.

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