Download Protection Is As Essential As Sales

Download Protection Is As Essential As Sales

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Many Online Marketing beginners don’t realize there are online hackers, hi-jackers and thieves who’ve countless methods for stealing your downloads.  If you’re planning on marketing lower-loadable products out of your own host, then you’ll want a download protector script placed on your site.

It’s been believed that more than 1 / 2 of all e-books and software being used are stolen copies, with the great majority of those being stolen from the thanks page. The issue may become serious if your internet search engine accumulates the hyperlink, which makes it available to anybody carrying out a look for your products. Search engines like google robots frequently disregard the “no follow” command around the meta data of the download page, even though you place them there.  If a person is trying to find your products, they might find your download page when the internet search engine robots selected up.  You would seldom create a purchase.

A different way to lose profits, is your download links could be passed to other people allowing them use of your downloads without having to pay on their behalf.  That’s the reason you should possess a time period limit or download limit focused on your digital downloads.  You place the limit lengthy enough for that customer to download the merchandise, or perhaps a couple of tries to download in situation you will find problems like accidentally closing the page,. It expires so nobody else has time to go into and download without having to pay.  The download time may also be set to 4-a few minutes, or perhaps a couple of more minutes if it’s a really lengthy download.  For example videos, and audios.  But it shouldn’t be looking for lengthy enough for somebody to email the download page to another person to access.

Some download protector scripts create protected secure links through several payment processors.  Your download remains safe and secure within the PayPal link with the IPN system which will make it nearly impossible to compromise.  You may also use Clickbank like a payment processor with protected links while using ClickBank  Secret Key System.  Some scripts even allow payment protected links through 2Checkout along with other payment alternatives.

The download protection script must be placed on your internet host.  If you think you aren’t as much as it, then for any couple of dollars you could have the script installed for you personally.  It’ll greater than purchase itself shortly  in what you will save in stolen products and profits.

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